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Russian bath-house with a pool and apartments

Our Russian bath will give you great pleasure, warm you during cold days and bring health benefits.
- steamroom with a wooden bucket with cold water for self-drenching;
- snowroom;
- pool , heating, ozonization, hydromassage and a waterfall;
- sitting room with a fireplace, karaoke, backgammon and hookah;
- privacy room are offered.

Up to 8 persons can comfortably relax in our Russian bath.

Turkish hamam with apartments

Hamam in “ Golden SPA rasputin” is a luxury two-storey apartment.
In addition to the Turkish hamam there are also:
- pool with a fountain;
- sitting room, office;
- hookah;
- privacy room;
- • chambers in three different styles: “Louis VIII”, “Tamerlane” and “Napoleon”.

В Up to 15 persons can comfortably relax in hamam.

Tibetan fito-sauna with apartments

Tibetan fito-sauna “Buddha-house” is a unique part of Tibet with its traditions and mysteries.
Up to 3 persons can comfortably relax in Tibetan bath “Buddha-house”.

Booking can be made personally for you or for one party. Inviting of friends or partners is limited only by capacity of the apartment. The rent of the apartment is unlimited.

Why are we chosen?

We are experts

You will dive into nirvana, because our sexy but in the same time professional masseuses know all traits and individualities of men’s bodies.


Comfort in the apartments of our SPA-center of erotic relax is completely considered. All your fantasies can be materialized here. You just have to want it.

Round the clock

In the sake of your convenience we work round the clock. In any moment you can relax from the bustle of life and dive into the world of your dreams.